As you know, I dye my hair a lot, so I’m always on the search of finding hair care product to salvage my colored tresses. I had the opportunity to try the Novex Bamboo Sprout line. The Bamboo Sprout line is “ideal for broken/weak hair that needs an extra dose of strength and growth”. The main feature for this line is ‘Intensive Growth and Strength’. There are 4 products to the line: the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning hair mask and the leave in conditioner. The first criticism I have for this brand was the packaging. It didn’t scream out hair care, but instead of like some sort of cleaning agent. The packaging didn’t really speak to me. As for smell, I actually really like the scent of this line because it was a natural fresh scent that wasn’t overpowering. I did try the shampoo, however, because my hair is colored (sensitive to sulfate shampoos due to colors washing out) I wasn’t able to use the shampoo as consistently as to notice any rapid hair growth. As for the conditioner, I did notice a rigid feeling when I was finished washing my hair, but when my hair dried the rigid feeling went away and the hair felt soft. Although the conditioner did it’s job, it wasn’t enough for my dry locks (note: I like to have that slippery feel when I run my hands through my hair) . I just thought it was like other conditioners, I’ve tried. The same goes for the hair mask. Although the mask is a bit more nourishing and moisturizing, I’ve tried better. After I use either the conditioner or the hair mask, I usually end my routine with the leave in conditioner through my damp hair. The leave in conditioner added to the rigid feeling, however, once dried and brushed out, the hair felt nice. All the products didn’t give me that super smooth, runny feel throughout my hair , nonetheless, my hair did feel stronger. If I didn’t have fun colored hair, then I would think this line would be great for strengthening my hair. I would recommend this to those with their natural hair color and looking to fortify their locks.


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