walking on fire



Dollskill scarf/ Forever 21 shorts & hat/ Newchic bag/ Zooshoo booties

Photos by Ryan Chua

Hair by Bescene

This was the day after Bescene painted my hair and I became a mermaid. *O* ❤ So happy that I got the chance to be blessed by his magical color slaying hands. On another note, my outfit was inspired by the hippie vibes of Lightning in a Bottle. I was preparing for the festival and this was one of the possible outfits I was planning to wear. The top is actually a scarf and I just thought, why not try wearing it as a top instead? The fringe is what got me. I swear I buy everything with fringe on it.  Wore some plain denim shorts to not overpower the outfit, since the top is already busy with different textures and colors.  These eye-catching booties stole the show for me. It was love at first site. Saw these and I had to have them. I thought they went well with the red accents of the top. Added a hat to help with blocking the sun and prevent myself from dying of heat. Lastly, wore this crescent bag to hold all my festival necessities.


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