Pussy power



Local Heroes dress/ Calvin Klein jacket/ Miista shoes/ Urban Outfitters necklace/ Flower Children Only kitty ears

Photos by Ryan Chua

It been a minute since my last post, but i’m back! This look was inspired by Local Heroes new collection, PUSSY POWER. It’s all about girls and feeling good about yourself.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to become one of their  brand ambassador. This baby pink silk slip with kitten written across was part of their line, giving me the idea of wearing the floral kitty ears from flower children only to add onto the kawaii-ness of the look. I threw on this jean jacket that I thrift-ed to combat the femininity , but also because I’ve been wearing this jacket with basically everything lately.  On my feet, are the Miista galaxy shoes that I’ve worn in a previous look. I thought they went perfectly with the color scheme. Lastly, gracing my neck is a dainty lariat necklace.


2 thoughts on “Pussy power

  1. Sharon Wu says:

    Love how you styled the pink cami dress with the oversized denim jacket! You look beautiful and I LOVE your hair! I can’t stop telling Ryan that haha ❤ xo, sharon



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